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SHAWN AND HEATHER got married in Scotland this June 19. Shawn is from Manila. Congratulations to the Genomal Families, and especially to Ramesh and Cherina, the parents of the groom.

The Sindhi Association of UK [SAUK] organized its Diwali Ball entitled "Fusion" on Nov 1 Saturday at Novotel Hotel at Hammersmith, London. It costs £60 each and contain a free bonus of £5 in the raffle and promises to be the most extravagant, elegant and exciting evening ever organised. A combination of  glamour and tradition.

Sindhi Tattler MagazineKunal Mirpuri's theme choreography will pay homage to the famously old and dazzling new stars of Bollywood, with  performances by  talented young Sindhis.

Meet and mingle over cocktails while being served with a delicious range of canapés. Indulge in a full 3 course Indian meal and help yourself to complimentary drinks all night at the open bar. Full 12 person table booking is possible and  Children under 12 are not permitted.  e-booking is possible with deadline of payment by  24th October.  

Come and enjoy.




Anita “Annie” Vaswani debut-reports from London with some exciting news and pictures. Dada JP Vaswani’s camp, Ram Gulrajani’s musical preimiere and more. Read more……

Sindhi Tattler Magazine

These devoted Sindhis deserves our true appreciation.

Dada J P Vaswani is currently in London and during the Easter break hosted a Spiritual retreat for 3 days in the tranquil settings of Wyboston Lakes in Cambridgeshire.




The earliest memory reference of London most of us have is the nursery rhyme “London Bridge is falling down, falling down”. The good news is the bridge is still intact and will never fall down.

The home of the Indians.   The place where “Chicken Tikka” counters have overtaken the “Fish and Chips” counters. The beautiful country where 40 million of the estimated 61 million population are Anglican and Roman Catholic, 2 million Muslims and more than 1 million Hindus. The life expectancy for male is 76 and the female 80. The capital of United Kingdom is London, where you would see Asian everywhere including Indians, and where Sindhis have made their
home, their success and they’re comfortable life.

Dada J P Vaswani is currently in London and during the Easter break hosted a Spiritual retreat for 3 days in the tranquil settings of Wyboston Lakes in Cambridgeshire. The weekend was an opportunity to escape the routine of everyday life and relax the mind body and soul whilst taking a journey into self-awareness. For more info visit: www.sadhuvaswaniuk.comUK

During the Easter  weekend, fellow Sindhi Ram Gulrajani's new musical  'Boys Don't Cry' premiered at the Kenneth More theatre in Ilford, East London. This wonderfully moving and tear jerking story, interspersed with often hilarious comedy scenes was an absolute hit with the audiences. The story is based on a father (Jackie ) who is left with two young twin boys after his wife leaves him, and he spends the next ten years bringing them up, but each day longing for his wife, Rhea, to return to him . Finally with the boys now in their teens, he is ready to start a new relationship.  But on the night of his first date with a new neighbor (Lena), his wife unexpectedly re-appears and the plot takes many twists and turns, much to the audience’s delight.

 'Boys Don't Cry ' follows the success of Rams previous musical called 'Time won't give me Time ' which was performed in February 2006 and again, due to popular demand in September 2006.  Ram is certainly very talented and multifaceted as he not only starred in both musicals, but also wrote, produced and directed them both. The rest of the 20 strong cast comprised of youngsters and adults from various backgrounds and ages, some being students, and other having ordinary 9 - 5 jobs but all keen on amateur dramatics to some extent. Among the cast were Vinae, Dayan and Tara Gulrajani, Rams talented children who played leading roles alongside their father.  Saju Vaswani, who portrayed Rhea, also appeared, alongside her son Nikhil, who incidentally portrayed one of her twin boys, and Vinay Samtani played the other twin.

Others  cast members included Sunil Mohan and Angelina  Melwani (who played Lena), for whom both, this was their stage debut. Other cast members included Michael Fitch, Sherina Mansigani, Simran Sharma, Ravi Rajani, Matt Paris, Sherina Relwani, Mehul Shewakramani, Neesha Daryanani, Dr Raja Dandapat and Roma Kapoor.

Following the huge success of Boy's Don't Cry, Ram intends to write a third  play to add to his repertoire. All I can say is watch this space..........

UKOn March 27 London Terminal 5 was opened.  This airport has opened with one thought – to make connecting the world simple and pleasurable. Smoother check-ins, fewer queues and less waiting around.  Log on to www.terminal5.ba.com This terminal will have 3 daily BA flights from Hong Kong alone.

Over the summer, London will host India Now, a season centering on London's interaction with India's rapidly growing economy and exploring India's culture. “India Now” [official logo is attached] will see special events, activities and festivals across the capital dedicated to Indian art, film, food, theatre, music and fashion. This would be somewhere around July to August.

On April 13 join us on a traditional "Historical Jog around London".
Every year, approximately 30,000 people run the 26.2-mile marathon through the streets of London.
Some run for personal achievement, some to raise money for their favorite charity. Many run in outrageous fancy dress. The marathon is open to all abilities, from beginners who walk the course to professional athletes.  The route runs along the south of the Thames and then the north side after crossing the river on Tower Bridge. From Greenwich and Blackheath to Buckingham Palace, runners pass some of the capital's famous landmarks, including the London Eye and the Tower of London.
Each year, millions of people watch and cheer from the street corners and London pubs. You could call it London's 26.2-mile street party! And whether you're supporting from the sidelines or sweating it out the track at the end of the day the winners are the charities. Since the beginning in 1981, the participants have raised a total of £315m for charity.

Eating out in London doesn't have to mean spending a fortune. There are plenty of places where you can find good quality food at a reasonable price. You'll be spoilt for choice with the range of cuisines on offer. London is a truly international city and this is reflected in the types of food available. Indian food is everywhere. Just as Bhangra is.

In 2006, London welcomed 230,000 Indian visitors to the capital. This was up from 166,000 in 2005 - a 38.6 per cent increase making Indian visitors one of the fastest growing markets. Also for the first time last year, Indian visitors to the capital outspent the Japanese - �152 million compared to �134 million Japanese spend. India is ranked number 17 in terms of visitor numbers to London. You need a separate visa to enter U.K., as you cannot use the SCHENGEN visa to enter UK.

One of the main factors Indian visitors’ quotes when coming to London is to visit family and friends. Other major attractions include the range of shopping offer and London's historic buildings and iconic landmarks. Indian tourists also enjoy visiting places/locations where Bollywood movies have been filmed.  London has inspired many Bollywood filmmakers. To assist Indian visitors follow in the steps of their favorite movie stars. Visit London has produced a Bollywood movie map.

Acknowledging the important contribution Indian businesses make to London's economy, Michael Charlton, chief executive of “Think London”, said: "India is the second largest contributor to the flow of foreign direct investment projects into the capital."
"Last year was a record year for Indian companies on the London Stock Exchange, raising almost triple the amount they did in 2005. Indian companies raised a total of $2.7 billion on AIM (alternative investment market) and a further $200 million on the main market and professional securities market in 2006," Charlton said.  He said during 2006-07, India accounted for 14 per cent of all foreign direct investment projects, up from 6 per cent over the same period in 2000-01.

In total there were over 10,000 Indian-owned businesses in London employing 49,000 people. Together, they generated a combined turnover of $14.4 billion and represented 5 per cent of London's economy. David Alberto, CEO of Avanta said: "India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it is important the London business community pulls together to welcome and encourage Indian businesses starting up in this country. By providing some free serviced office space initially, to help them find their feet and a guaranteed discount afterwards across our ten London locations, we are helping to facilitate their start-up process and enable them to focus on making their business a success."

Ciao. Till my next report. Annie Vaswani


Meet Anita Vaswani, popularly known as Pups. She is the daughter of Mrs. Rukmani and Late Nand Vaswani also sister to Madhu Vaswani. She was born and raised in London and still currently resides there.

She is currently working for Damac properties as a property consultant selling property in the UAE, Egypt, Jordon, and soon to be launching properties in China, India and Morocco. 

For further information you may access the Website at: www.damacproperties.com

She may be contacted at annevaswani@hotmail.com.


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