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Meet this dynamic young Sindhi girl from Mumbai. POOJA CHHODA.  Graphologist or a handwriting expert, Tarot reader, hypnotist and past life regression expert. She is on the panel for tarot reading for the website www.soothsayers-india.com and shall be featured on the website jyotishispeaks.com that is yet to be live for handwriting analysis.

She developed this talent as the years went by, getting famous and more importantly helping people change their course of life. Of course, she is very considerate to many that are ill affording, since she does this on a commercial basis.

Her Dad, Late Mr. Deepak T Chhoda used to work in a bank in Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in Dubai, had expired recently. She is presently staying in Mahim, Mumbai with her mom Mrs. Bhavna D Chhoda --and her younger sister-Ekta D Chhoda, who is also working.

She finished her high school education at Canossa Convent High School Mumbai. She moved forward to take further education at Mithibai Motiram Kundnani College of Commerce, Mumbai and stood in the
1st class status. Finally she got her Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Mumbai University.

Her present job makes her the Training head of Axis Sales Limited (100% fully owned subsidiary of Axis Bank). A Centralized profile responsible for wing-to-wing implementation of training’s for the entire company & 7500 employees, the sphere comprising of Induction/Orientation, Behavioral & Leadership training’s & HR programs at an Organizational level.

Formerly she worked with ICICI Bank in Mumbai for 62 months. She also uses to conduct fortnightly knowledge aptitude tests for ICICI Bank Phone Banking Group. Also was responsible for MIIS and data maintenance. She has attended many workshops and seminars.

Her Marriage in the near future?  She knows when since she must have read her tarot card.


She has been twice awarded with the “Rewards & Recognition” in the training team And Certified by Business for the Trainer’s Certification Test and achieved 98%.  She has trained more than 1200 employees across all the skills in a span of 13 months. She was awarded as the Best Officer for Emails Secured Channel.  She was titled as the “Product Champion” on the Bank product skill and is responsible for networking with the business groups. In the future she expects to explore a galore in similar role ensuring organizational and personal development.

She firmly believe that

Success never lowers its standards; one must raise their standards to Success…”

Need to contact her. please email her at poojachhoda@yahoo.co.in


In her own words, let us hear what she has to say.
Handwriting is as unique as a Fingerprint. Graphology or Handwriting Analysis is the science of interpreting the person’s character from their handwriting

What is Handwriting Analysis used for
Handwriting Analysis is a tool used to analyze business and personal relationships. For example for recruitment, personal, business compatibility career guidance and just to gain a deeper insight into your own personality.

Graphology is used extensively in Europe, particularly in France it’s used for employment i.e. recruiting suitable candidates. According to Wall Street Journal handwriting analysis is used for recruitments in big US Corporations.

A personal or a business analysis can determine the writers

  • Emotional characteristics
  • Intellectual Style
  • Personality Traits
  • Social Behavior
  • Vocational Aptitude

Use of Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) as a tool
Handwriting analysis points out the good and bad traits of a writer .Using this tool we can make the life easier for a person by developing the good traits and correcting the negative traits.
Handwriting is controlled in the same area of the brain where the personality develops. Up to 40 different elements of handwriting are measured, assessed, analyzed and compared .Each symbol is then interpreted as a personality characteristic .Because no two handwritings are alike just like no two people are alike, each handwriting is unique as a fingerprint.

The process of changing traits in a person is known as Graphotheraphy .Graphotheraphy is the science of reprogramming the subconscious mind.Graphotheraphy can make a small change in a person’s life or change it significantly. It involves in-depth analysis of the handwriting and person.

Reports on Graphology
Personal Handwriting Analysis
A personal handwriting analysis helps you answer the below questions
Show strength and weakness and helps kick bad habits. Explains cause of reaction to certain situations. Shows what you need to do to make a personal, sexual, family or work relationship really works.

Report on Relationship Compatibility

This report is for couples wishing to enter or explore the dynamics of a relationship and is ideal for choosing life partners.

Personality Profile for pre-employment screening

The client provides a job description, along with information about the working environment and we prepare a narrative report offering an overview of the applicant's personality as it relates to the position under consideration. The report highlights behavioral strengths, and stress points that may need further development. This type of analysis is highly effective in sales force-building.
Report on Forming the Name and Logo of the Company
Graphology also is used on designing the name and logo of a Company based on the handwriting and traits of a writer.
GRAPHOTHERAPY (especially for children)
For those who wish to take self discovery a step further I can design a set of therapeutic exercises, tailored to each person's individual needs, based on an analysis of their handwriting.
The principal of graphotherapy is that by making small changes in our handwriting we can positively alter unconscious patterns of thinking and behavior; helping us to live life in a more self-aware and ultimately more productive way. It works in a somewhat similar way to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) by helping to create new neural pathways - or, in handwriting terms, more positive habits in the way we represent ourselves symbolically on paper. Positive feedback, via the unconscious mind, can be achieved, as new, helpful habits replace old, unhelpful ones. My method involves focusing on any particular "problem areas" identified and reflected in a client's handwriting and designing for them specific flowing shapes to practice - usually letter-shapes but not always. It will hopefully feel good at a certain point to introduce some changes into the handwriting. This is a more natural and gentler approach than trying to force sudden major changes. The exercises are designed to be enjoyable and easy to do. Please note that the unique symbolic expression of each person's handwriting is never "good" or "bad"; it simply "is"! Just as in dreams, it tells us in Nature's own language (non-judgmentally) exactly who and where we are, at a particular moment in time.

What is needed for Graphology Sample?
Text provided for a graphological analysis should be written under the following optimal conditions. At least 20 lines written spontaneously (not dictated or copied) on a plain unlined sheet of paper using a good ball point pen in English having the writers signature below.

This is the end of my report. Pooja




Mumbai, India
Mumbai, India
New York, USA  

Pune, India      

Manila, Philippines
Chummy Chum Foundation
Dubai, UAE
Miami, U.S.A.

Cha Thio


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