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GOD manifested his presence at this meet with rains and wet weather, making it appear that the heavens were opening up to shower blessings on this renowned gathering. Dada even mentioned that the rains were akin to Hinduism in spreading the same qualities and benefits--such as cleansing; refreshing; reviving; rejuvenating; spreading the joy of greenery; filling streams and rivers with life-giving water; providing moisture and nutrition to seeds and plants, encouraging growth and sustenance. Hinduism, when practiced and utilized correctly, is capable of providing all this and much more in our daily way.

Dada heralded the most important message of Hinduism, which is reverence for all life. He said, even modern science has proved without any doubt, that all matter is composed of vibrations. Every single thing, whether living or non-living, animate or inanimate, vibrates to certain frequencies. Life, he said, is asleep in rocks and minerals. It dreams in vegetables and plants and stirs in animals. But, it is only in humans that Life is awake. Yet, it is this one Life which permeates all of Creation. Hence, Hinduism pays its respects to all, from the stone to man.

Dada further implored everyone to pay special attention to children, for they are our hope for the future. All Hindu parents and adults should invest in the children, by inculcating within them qualities of character. When children have imbibed gems like truthfulness, courage, love, humility, forbearance, compassion  and many more, they will be suffused with such wealth, the benefits of which will overflow to all those around them.

These beautifully sculpted children will then craft out and create a new world which will be bereft of war and want. In this  new world man will greet his  fellowmen not with a blow, but with an embrace; not with a bullet, but with a warm heart; not with a curse, but a blessing; not a frown, but a smile; not with disdain, but with encouragement; not with hatred, but with love and oneness.

Dada's rendition was extremely fiery. It was a wake-up call, a clarion call to all Hindus to rise, unite and build this new world. The verve, energy and force with which he spoke, verily shook up everyone's complacency at the roots. Dada kindled in each one the drive and determination to become a part of this work force, to cleave through mountains if need be, to pave a golden path to peace and togetherness.

Though Dada's talk time was up, the enthralled audience, while clapping and cheering, requested him to continue. Dada bowed down to their wish and spoke some more. When he was done, he was greeted with a standing ovation, expressing unanimous appreciation. Various other Hindu leaders too illumined the gathering with their knowledgeable words and wisdom.


PREM and VARKHA CHANDIRAMAN were in Sydney recently.

Sindhi Tattler Magazine

Wow, they love good food.

Roshni celebrated her birthday last December 7th in Melbourne.

Sindhi Tattler Magazine

She is pictured with her mom Ninu and dad Ram. She is an expert in pastry and cakes baking. How sweet!

Pia is just 6 months old and loves the laptop. She is the daughter of Shivani and Richi Hathiramani and says hello from Melbourne

AUSTRALIA’S  eVisa policy effective October 2008-2011

Visitors from all European Union countries as well as eight other European countries will be able to apply over the internet for an eVisitor Visa from the 27th October 2008-2011.

The Minister for Immigration & Citizenship, and the Minister for Tourism issued a joint release announcing that citizens from a number of European countries will be able to apply for Tourist and Business travel visas  online at the end of this month.

The EU Countries that are eligible are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden and the UK.
Other European countries that can apply online are: Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, and the Vatican City.

eVisitor Visa holders will be able to visit Australia for up-to 3 months at a time for business or tourist purposes as many times as they choose over a 12 month period.

The Department of Immigration And Citizenship (DIAC) Australia estimate that 260,000 eVisitor applications will be lodged online between October 2008-2011 and July 2009.

Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson estimates that the eVisitor Visa will provide a boost to Australia's tourism industry.

"Making travel to Australia simpler for more than 1.2 million people from the EU each year will encourage tourism growth, strengthen cultural links and facilitate business relationships with Australia’s largest continental trade partner," said the minister.

The new eVisitor visa represents a completion of the reciprocal short-term entry agreement between Australia and the EU for tourist and business purposes.


Sindhi Tattler Magazine

It looks nice? What is your opinion?

Australian Universities – High Rising with the Indian Community

Latest News: 2007 THES-QS Top World 200 Ranking Times Higher Education Supplement University Rankings


Aus Rank

(World Rank)

Australian National University



University of Melbourne



University of Sydney



University of Queensland



Monash University



University of New South Wales



University of Adelaide



University of Western Australia



Macquarie University



Queensland University of Technology



University of Wollongong



Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology



Australian universities are amongst the most outstanding universities around the world today. Sindhis all over the globe have come to Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland and Adelaide to study their choice of degree. Countries include Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, UK and USA.

Australian education system is known to be one of the best and offers a wide range of job opportunities which enables student to look at a long term goal and career in Australia. Some students even work part time while studying which gives them a better experience of being independent and self sufficient.

The top 5 courses include:

  1. Hospitality Management
  2. Information Technology
  3. Business Management
  4. Banking and Finance
  5. Engineering

The country continues to have a high rising number of overseas students every year. Expect to see Indian students in every block of Australia. As they continue to strive harder with overseas studies, Indians definitely have a good name when it comes to studies. Known to be one of the brightest and hardworking students around the world. They make all Indians proud to be Indian.


Commonwealth of Australia also known as- down Under - biggest attraction is its natural beauty. the landscape varies from endless sunbaked horizons to dense tropical rainforest to chilly beaches. Scattered along the coasts, its city blends European enthusiasm for art and food with a laid-back love of sports and the outdoors.

Visitors expecting to see an opera in Sydney one night and meet Crocodile Dundee the next day will have to re-think their grasp geography in this huge country. It is this sheer vastness that gives Australia - and its diverse 20 million population - much of its character. With an area of 7.7 million square kilometers the capital is Canberra. It comprises of 8 states known as South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, Queens land, Tasmania, Victoria, Northern Territory and New South Wales. The most popular tourist destination cities are Sydney, Coffs Harbour, Melbourne, Gold coast, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin.

With distances between cities so great, flying is the most favoured and speedy option, although buses and trains provide a more scenic though lengthy alternative. There are many airlines such as Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Blue, Tiger Airways and Freedom Air. Greyhound Australia is the major Bus Company connected to all the major cities. Definitely comfortable but be prepared for a long journey. Australia has a skeletal rail network linking all major cities. Australia has 4 weather round the year and each state has its own set of weather conditions. You can ski and as well as swim at the same period of time in different states. Melbourne is the city known for a 4-season weather in 24 hours.

While Australia is a relatively safe country, exercise common sense in the cities by locking cars and hotel rooms, not displaying valuables and not accepting potentially spiked drinks in bars by strangers.

It is said that the first batch of Indians to come into Australia was in the early 1800’s and there has been no stop to it. Presently the estimated Indian origin population staying in Australia as students, permanent residents or those who became citizens of Australia are around 300,000.

Hence Indians are settled down in practically all states of Australia. There is no shortage of Indian cuisine all over the country. There are a lot of Indian religious activities which take place in this country as there are many religious associations here such as Sikh Gurdwara, Shiva temple, Durga Temple, SaiBaba center, Shirdi Saibaba Center, and Swami Chinmayananda Mission.

Indian supermarkets are flung all over the country selling all imported groceries and with Indian monthly magazines and newspapers giving all the upto date news. Hindi movies are shown regularly in the major cities of Australia. Any Indian who comes the first time will feel at home as anything Indian is always available in Australia.

It is also important to know that though Brisbane is a small city, but its importance and popularly lies in the fact that it is the nearest airport to Gold Coast and is less than an hour away from Gold Coast.

Welcome to Australia.


Shivani Rishi

Shivani is our Editor for Melbourne. She is from the Philippines, just as her husband Rishi is and who is a computer expert. Shivani works in the corporate world in Melbourne

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